Home burglary prevention

Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen

Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen (PKVW) is a well known certification mark in the Netherlands. The certification mark comprises safety measurements and regulations for house burglary prevention.


PKVW-specialists in house security and burglary prevention are educated on the high quality requirements of PKVW. They are entitled to bring out tailor-made advice on how to secure your house. In addition they can install the needed security measurements which is needed to lower the chance of a burglary in your house. A house which completely meets the right measurements of PKVW, can get an official PKVW certificate. This certificate is well known and scares off burglars, because it will make it harder for them to break in.

You can find a PKVW-specialist near you on our interactive map. Simply fill in your address and contact a specialist that is near you. Be aware that you always search for a PKVW-specialist or locksmith through our map. That way you will be ensured that the locksmith is a certified PKVW-specialist and can help you with securing your house. You can recognize the PKVW-specialist by the logo on the right side. The specialist will advice you on which certified PKVW-products are suitable for your house.

Costs of the certificate

The costs of a PKVW-certificate depends on the actual state of security of your house. An PKVW-specialist will give you a non binding indication of the costs.

Prevention tips

Always do this

  • Always close all your windows and doors. And lock your doors and windows, even if you leave your house for a short time.
  • Use external lighting. For example lighting that switches on via a twilight switch or motion sensor.
  • Not at home? Leave your lights on. Leave your lights on indoors when you are not home at night. You can do this with a timer for example.
  • Place valuables out of sight.
  • Keep keys out of sight, and certainly never leave
    them in the lock on the inside.
  • Don’t hide your keys outside your house. Under a doormat or in a flowerpot is an easy hiding spot, which burglars will find.
  • Do not hang your house address label on your key bunch.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are not hidden
    behind high fences, trees or shrubs. Local residents will not be able to keep an eye on suspicious situations.
  • Never put a note on the door saying “I’m away for a while”.
  • In case you have any suspicions, always call 112.
    For example, if you hear glass shattering, someone stumbling around in your house or your neighbor’s house. Quickly alarming the police means a greater chance of catching burglars.

When you’re on holiday

  • Do not pack your suitcases in front of your house. That will make it very obvious that you’ll be away for a while.
  • Make sure that someone takes care of your post. Hide it from the mailbox.
  • Ask your neighbors to put their car in front of your house.
  • Ask your neighbors if they can open and close your curtains once in a while.
  • Use a time light switch on your lightning to give the impression that there is someone in the house.


If you have any questions about the Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen, send us an e-mail on pkvw@hetccv.nl.

If you have questions about security measures for your house? Please contact a PKVW-specialist near you.

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